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Photo of Kjetil Bidne

Date joined: July 14, 2009

About: Styreleiar og best på ukonstruktiv kritikk.

Location: Stavanger

  • Weight: 88.0 kg
  • Height: 175 cm
  • Resting pulse: 50 BPM
  • Max HR: 195 BPM
  • Functional Threshold Power:

    Functional Threshold Power is the maximal power output you can sustain for the duration of one hour.

    Usually estimated by doing an all out effort for 20 minutes and then multiplying by 0.95 to get the FTP.

    320 W 3.6 W/kg


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  • Total Duration: 67 days, 18:42:21
  • Total Distance: 33738.8 km
  • Total Avg Speed: 26.0 km/h
  • Total exercise count: 848 trips
  • Longest trip: 204.0 km
  • Total energy expenditure: 1078333 kcal (= 138.2 kg fat )

Cycle trips

Avg speed trend: cycling

Avg HR trend overall


Resting pulse